Formerly JAU


Dean’s Message


Welcome to Ammon Applied University College of Hospitality and Tourism Education (AAUC), the premier university level college in Jordan and the MENA Countries, which specializes in Hospitality and Tourism Management education and training.
AAUC was established in 1980 as the Ammon College for Hospitality and Tourism and is still the most distinguished educational institution, both locally and regionally, for students of these disciplines. We offer both theoretical and practical courses for our students, with commitment to high quality. As a result of this, the university enjoys a high profile amongst educational institutions in the Middle East.
Our educational philosophy rests on three dimensions: practical oriented, English language oriented and attitude and discipline oriented.
The Hospitality and Tourism Industries, not only in Jordan but also internationally, offer graduates extremely exciting career opportunities. It is both our role and your responsibility to maximize your experience here with us. We pride ourselves on our commitment to you as a student; in the classroom, during work experience, and as a graduate of our institution. Each of us must play a major role to promote Hospitality and Tourism Cultures in Jordan; within our society, and for our regional and international tourists.
AAUC is dedicated to provide a modern, high quality education for students who intend to make Hospitality and Tourism Management their career. Our graduates are accepted into full-time employment in the industry of their choice. The students are of paramount importance at AAUC; our courses are designed to enhance students' knowledge, skills, career and marketability.
Our students enjoy some of the best facilities in Jordan, and additionally AAUC students graduate with lifelong friends, precious memories and a sense of achievement that will empower them for the rest of their lives.
AAUC enjoys the collaboration of its stakeholders, who are leaders in the Hospitality and Tourism Industries in Jordan; their support is vital to our success and excellence in this field. The stakeholders' support of AAUC, complemented by our international partnerships, recognition by the local and regional industries, and ability to change, ensures that we retain our reputation for excellence. We aim to be the model of education and learning in Tourism and Hospitality in this region, which will be imitated by other institutions, both internally and externally.
Currently, AAUC has obtained the UNWTO TedQual Certification, the award of excellence in hospitality education. AAUC now is a member in EURHODIP , UNWTO, ICHRIE, and the American Hospitality Academy (AHA).
I pride myself of being the Dean of such a fine institution, which is the driving force in Hospitality and Tourism Education in Jordan and the wider region.
     Dr. Muhsen Makhamreh, Dean